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Judita Jankovic

Evaluation Officer, Evaluation and Internal Audit Office
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Duty Station Montreal, Quebec, Canada

UNEG Member Since 2012

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Judita Jankovic is an Evaluation Officer at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). 

She has a doctorate in Social Psychology (University of Sussex, the UK) and over 15 years of international work experience, initially in private sector consultancy (market research) and since 2005 working for the United Nations mainly in conducting, managing or quality assuring evaluations.

At ICAO she has drafted and facilitated the consultations related to the endorsement of the first-ever ICAO Evaluation Policy. In 2016, she drafted a concept note on a decentralized evaluation system pilot initiative at ICAO. She co-convenes a UNEG working group on the professionalization of evaluation.

She has also designed, conducted, managed and successfully completed the following evaluations:


- Evaluation of ICAO partnerships with organizations and agencies in the UN system (on-going)
- Evaluation of Technical Assistance of ICAO to Uruguay's Civil Aviation Authorities

- Evaluation of the Comprehensive Regional Implementation Plan for Aviation Safety in Africa 
- Evaluation of ICAO Member State Needs and Expectations 

- Evaluation of the ICAO Technical Cooperation Project of "Strengthening Kazakhstan's civil aviation capacity"
- Evaluation of Industry Perspectives on ICAO

- Evaluation of Results Based Management at ICAO
- Evaluation of Technical Cooperation Support Processes

Prior to ICAO, she was based in Italy for 7 years where she worked at FAO and WFP. She is a national of Croatia and has New Zealand citizenship.

She grew up in former Yugoslavia, witnessed the dissolution of the country and emmigrated to New Zealand with her family in 1993. She fluently speaks English, Croatian/Serbian and Italian and has a good grasp of French and Hungarian.

Knowledge Areas

Competencies in designing, conducing and managing complex evaluations

Assessing outcomes and impacts of complex programmes

International development; results-based management

Aviation safety oversight and international development

Evaluations of social processes; attitude measurement; social psychology

Theory of change; logical framework

Quantitative and and qualitative data analysis

Statistical data analysis using SPSS

Strategic planning

Case study analysis

Areas of Interests

As above, but also including:

Gender issues

Children and women rights

Environmental issues and sustainable development

Poverty reduction

Social community issues

Empowerment of indigenous communities

Poverty reduction

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