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Since 2007, UNEG's work programme has been organised under three thematic areas: UN Reform and Evaluation, The Evaluation Function and Professionalising Evaluation.

UNEG's Work Programme April 2010-March 2011 was defined at the UNEG AGM 2010 and continues with these thematic areas and will be implemented by the following UNEG Task Forces.

UN Reform and Evaluation

    • Delivering as One Task Force
    • Harmonisation of Evaluation Task Force:
      • To develop guidance on the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) evaluations.
      • To develop strategies for promoting joint evaluations between two or more UN agencies.

The Evaluation Function

    • Evaluation of the Evaluation Function Task Force:
      • To develop a harmonised framework for continuing assessments of the evaluation function.
      • To conduct a revision and completion of existing and proposed tools and instruments for these assessments, including performance indicators.
      • To continue supporting peer reviews in collaboration with the joint DAC/UNEG Task Force.
    • Human Rights and Gender Equality Task Force: 
    • Impact Evaluation Task Force: 
      • Guidance, information and experience exchange on impact evaluation (IE).
      • Participation in IE related networks, such as NONIE.

Professionalising Evaluation

    • Evaluation Capacity Development Task Force
      • To prepare a framework for national evaluation capacity development
    • Evaluation Practice Exchange Seminar Task Force 2011:
      • Develop the agenda for and organise the Evaluation Practice Exchange Seminar 2011.

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