UN SWAP Evaluation Performance Indicator Technical Note & Performance Indicator Scorecard, and Reporting Cycle Results

Revised UN SWAP Evaluation PI Technical Note and Scorecard.pdf (788 KB / English)

UN-SWAP Eval Performance Indicator Scorecard.xls (47 KB / English)

UN-SWAP Evaluation Performance Indicator 2014 Reporting Cycle Results_(FINAL).pdf (649 KB / English)

UN SWAP Evaluation Performance Indicator Guidance for Peer Learning Exchange.pdf (580 KB / English)

UN-SWAP Evaluation Performance Indicator 2015 ReportingCycle.pdf (738 KB / English)

UNEG-FAQ-UNSWAP-Reporting.pdf (479 KB / English)

UN SWAP EPI FINAL Synthesis Report-14Dec16.pdf (1400 KB / English)


This note is meant to support the Evaluation Offices of UN entities to comply with the annual reporting process against the CEB-endorsed UN SWAP Evaluation Performance Indicator. It is also meant to support more systematic and harmonized reporting through the use of a common tool that also allows for improved comparability across UN entities. An excel template of the UN-SWAP Performance Indicator Scorecard is also attached.

The document was first published in November 2013 and updated in August 2014. The SWAP Evaluation Performance Indicator 2015 Reporting Cycle Results is now available. A working paper on peer learning exchange is now available.

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