UNESCAP Monitoring and Evaluation Policy and Guidelines

UNESCAP-Monitoring-and-Evaluation--Policy-and-Guidelines-2017.pdf (639 KB / English)


The present document provides an overview of the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system at ESCAP, including policies, guidelines and tools; and promotes the use of M&E results to inform ongoing and future planning and implementation processes. It serves as an update of the ESCAP Monitoring and Evaluation System, issued in 2009, and reflects new M&E procedures introduced since the first document was prepared, changes in operations brought about by the introduction of Umoja, updates in United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG) norms and standards for evaluations, and lessons learned drawn from the findings and recommendations of evaluations at ESCAP. The document is divided into four sections: 1) Introduction; 2) Monitoring Guidelines; 3) Evaluation Policy; and 4) Evaluation Guidelines. The full collection of evaluation tools are available within this document and have also been uploaded individually to iSeek. 

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  • May 2017


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