UNHCR Evaluation Policy (2016)



This policy sets out the overall framework for the evaluation function in UNHCR. It confirms UNHCR’s commitment to the importance of evaluation and its role in supporting organizational accountability, learning and the continual improvement of UNHCR’s performance in addressing the protection, assistance and solutions needs of refugees, stateless persons and other persons of concern.

The policy establishes a dedicated Evaluation Service in UNHCR headed by a Head of Service who reports to the High Commissioner.

It defines the purpose of evaluation, clarifying its dual accountability and learning functions, incorporates United Nations evaluation norms and standards1 and introduces evaluation quality assurance. The centralised and decentralised levels of the evaluation function in UNHCR are defined.

To further strengthen the delivery of the evaluation function, the Deputy High Commissioner and, if appropriate, in consultation with members of UNHCR’s Senior Executive Team (SET), will maintain regular liaison with the Evaluation Service on the planning, implementation, and follow-up of the Annual Work Plan.

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  • Oct 2016


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