WIPO Evaluation Policy (2016)

WIPO Evaluation Policy 2016.pdf (81 KB / English)


The new Evaluation Policy (hereinafter the Policy) provides the framework for planning, and conducting evaluations in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and reporting on and using the results from such evaluations. The Policy establishes principles for the evaluation function within the program cycle management system of WIPO. This Policy supersedes the Evaluation Policy approved in May 2010.

This Policy has been prepared considering recommendations from an External Quality Assessment (EQA) of the Internal Oversight Division (IOD) Evaluation Function conducted in 2014 and taking stock of lessons learned from five years of evaluation practice. Feedback provided by WIPO Senior Management, the Independent Advisory Oversight Committee (IAOC) and Member States was also taken into account in the formulation of the Policy. This Policy comes into effect upon approval by the Director, IOD in fulfillment of his obligation to establish a Policy for planning, conducting evaluations.

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