ILO Annual Evaluation Report 2020-2021

ILO Annual Evaluation report 2020-2021.pdf


The ILO’s annual evaluation report typically spans two calendar years, covering the last quarter of the previous year (in this case, 2020) and the first three quarters of the ongoing year (in this case, 2021). Stating that the reporting period has been distressing and challenging is almost certainly an understatement. The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected everyone around the world, without exception, and has required people to adjust, innovate and adapt, including by applying new and mostly virtual work methods. As reported in the annual evaluation report 2019–20, the ILO’s Evaluation Office (EVAL) quickly responded to the pandemic by issuing a detailed COVID-19 risk-based guidance note in March 2020, and regularly updating it, with practical tips on how to adapt and continue evaluations during the pandemic. This proactive response allowed EVAL to honour its commitment to the evaluation schedule. Challenges posed by the pandemic did not diminish the need for evaluation, but rather amplified the importance of evaluative evidence to ensure continued accountability and real-time learning.

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  • Oct 2021

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