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Launch of the OIOS Inspection and Evaluation Manual, September 2014

02 Dec 2014

OIOS-IED Manual 17 Sept 2014.pdf

The Office of Internal Oversight Services Inspection and Evaluation Division (OIOS-IED) announces the launch of the OIOS-IED Inspection and Evaluation Manual. Though the manual was produced primarily for staff's use, it nonetheless contains information that might be valuable to colleagues outside of OIOS-IED - whether it's basic information on who we are and what we do, or technical "how-to's" on how we tackle the many challenges that programme evaluation entails. This revised version was developed in follow-up to OIOS-IED's first manual, released in January 2008. As such, it contains a number of new features, intended to make it more beneficial to users. A few of these improvements are as follows: 1. Additional points of guidance, including new areas not previously covered in the earlier version, as well as expanded guidance in areas already covered; 2. Expanded resources, including updated examples of OIOS-IED's own good practice and a significantly expanded list of external resources; and 3. A more interactive and user-friendly format, including internal links within the document, hyperlinks to many internal and external resources, and greater use of graphics to visually illustrate key concepts. Despite these improvements, the manual is very much a "work in progress": as OIOS-IED staff use it during the current evaluation cycle, and there will no doubt be further improvements. Until then, we encourage you to use it, and hope you find it useful in your work! Should you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact Mr. Robert McCouch (