UNEG Strategy 2020-2024

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This UNEG Strategy outlines UNEG's self-defined role, vision and mission, and Strategic Objectives for 2020-2024. It was prepared by an internal Working Group and underwent extensive consultation with the UNEG membership. The new Strategy reflects the current situation and thinking across the UN development system, in particular with regards to working as one, delivering as one and being held accountable as one but also in the context of the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda. It also reflects increased interest in evaluation from Member States and senior management. The Strategy also provides a framework for UNEG's work over the next five years, whereby each work plan will focus on the three Strategic Objectives:

  • SO1: Develop and safeguard professional norms, standards and guidance;
  • SO2: Enhance professionalization and capacity; and
  • SO3: Influence policy-making and operational work through evaluations.

Partnerships, knowledge management and collaboration on evaluation are considered major enablers of UNEG’s work and, as such, contribute to the achievement of all three SOs.  

The Strategy is a living document and will be updated on an as needs basis. 

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