UNEG Framework for Professional Peer Reviews of the Evaluation Function of UN organizations

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Approved as a UNEG Reference document at the UNEG Annual General Meeting 2011, this Framework outlines the key requirements of a professional peer review.

This Framework builds on the "Framework for Professional Peer Reviews" developed by the DAC/UNEG Joint Task Force on Professional Peer Reviews of Evaluation Functions in Multilateral Organizations (January 2007).
The Framework sets out both specific recommendations and options for the approach and methodology for professional peer reviews, beginning with an explanation of the nature, strengths and limits of a peer review. 
It also outlines the key roles and responsibilities of different parties involved in the reviews, beginning with the peer panel, including appropriate criteria for selection of its members, and the main expectations for its tasks. Similarly, it outlines the major roles and responsibilities that will fall on the organization under review, which will normally be carried mainly, but not exclusively, by its evaluation unit. 
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